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Ideas for the next SSB

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Author Topic: Ideas for the next SSB  (Read 1388 times)
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« Reply #45 on: August 16, 2008, 06:39:39 am »

Movesets for FF7 characters:

Cloud Strife:

Normal attacks are simply sword attacks in the relevent direction, Smash Attacks are more powerful versions of his normal attacks

Neutral-special: Fira (A blast of fire radiates from him)
Side-special: Blizzara (Shards of ice are fired to the size; ballistic)
Down-special: Thundara (All characters nearby are hit by lightning)
Up-special: Climhazzard (Leaps up, slicing with his sword)

Final Smash: Bahamut (Summons a huge dragon-ish creature into the background, which uses MEGA FLARE (blasts the area of the screen with the most opponents with a huge beam of energy))

He only has one taunt, his victory thing from FF7 (complete with the anthem)


Normal attacks are like Cloud's, but way faster and with huge reach. Smash attacks are lightning-fast 3-hit combos (kinda like Link's up-smash, but faster and in any direction)

Neutral-special: Firaga (like Fira but with a larger sphere of influence)
Side-special: Blizzaga (like Blizzara but with greater range)
Down-special: Thundage (like Thundara but with greater sphere of influence)
Up-special: Float (flies upward, even through solid platforms)

Final Smash: Meteor (A huge rock, glowing red, plunges through the stage (kinda like Snorlax). Characters are drawn to it as they are to Kirby's cauldron move)


1) He does the Kefka laugh
2) He holds up the Black Materia
3) His victory thing from FF7 (but without the music)

To balance out his awesome attacks and speed, he cannot pick up items
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