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Title: Post your TimeSplitters maps here!
Post by: Hypnotoad on June 17, 2008, 12:45:32 pm
And the winner is - HYPNOTOAD -

Are you, like myself, addicted to the mapmakers in the TImesplitters trilogy? Well, here is a vent for that!

The idea of this thread is that you create a map in one of the three editors, take a screenshot of every floor (instructions on that are in the "help" forum) and label the maps so that they can be made by any user. There should be information on weapons and bot sets, and on tile sets and music.

Most important of all: SAY WHICH GAME THE MAP IS FOR!

Post A LINK TO your map (so that we don't have page-filling posts), and maybe one to a video tour if you really want to show off. Other users can then comment on these maps, and of course try duplicating them