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1  Nintendo Forums / Metroid / Re: Metroid MMO game on: August 22, 2008, 09:13:48 am
Sorry guys for the delay. Things have been hectic. I started driver's education, became an uncle, went on vacation, and recently became engaged to my girlfriend, so... theres been little computer time.

Whoa.....congrats! But aren't you only 17? Lips sealed Lips sealed

Yes, I am 17. I turned 17 on Monday. My older sister had a baby so now I'm an uncle, and my girlfriend and I are getting married after she graduates high school. I'm graduating this year, she is next year. I know it sounds crazy, since we're both young, but its what we want and I'm ecstatic.
I hope it can be a Metroid game. The only thing I can think that would interfere is Nintendo not wanting to give away the rights. Why they would do that, I have no idea.
2  Nintendo Forums / Metroid / Re: Metroid: Time Paradox on: August 19, 2008, 10:37:13 pm
Going with the theme of time, I think it would be more interesting if Samus had a "Time Suit". Since you can't really go back in time it would just speed up the flow of things and advance her to the future.
3  Nintendo Forums / Metroid / Re: Metroid MMO game on: August 19, 2008, 10:34:57 pm
Sorry guys for the delay. Things have been hectic. I started driver's education, became an uncle, went on vacation, and recently became engaged to my girlfriend, so... theres been little computer time.
I like the idea of viral warfare. I would prefer it if there was one MAIN virus in the entire game, and that it started on one planet, and then began to go off world and become a threat to other planets and species.
On the subject of "stores", think Resident Evil 4 merchant, but make it a legitimate store aboard your "stationed" frigate, and it sells upgrades for your current weapons/armor, better weapons, better armor, etc.
There could even be different types of ammo. Standard bullets, explosive rounds, armor piercing, etc.

Even if I couldn't get the rights from Nintendo to make it a Metroid themed one, it could still be released with different names, characters, and slightly different costumes/appearances. But the gameplay would remain intact.
I'm graduating high school this year, and then go to college, to study creative writing and get a degree as a personal fitness trainer, so with my creative writing credentials I /COULD/ make this happen.
Stay (sic), people.
4  Nintendo Forums / Zelda / Re: The Future of Zelda on: July 03, 2008, 09:16:25 pm
Yeah, that's the thing about Phantom Hourglass. When your playing it, your thinking, THIS IS AMAZING, BEST ZELDA EVER, then you complete it and change your mind.

Thats how all Zelda games seem to be. I got really into Wind Waker a couple weeks ago, beat it, and then thought "It was awesome while it lasted, but now that I'm done with it, it doesn't have as lasting of an impression as Ocarina of Time did."
5  Nintendo Forums / Metroid / Re: Metroid MMO game on: July 03, 2008, 09:14:40 pm
And probably better than Halo.........

With such a huge level of customization and intensity, I'm sure it'd easily surpass Halo.
6  Nintendo Forums / Metroid / Re: Metroid MMO game on: July 02, 2008, 12:12:11 pm
Great idea, but MMOs suck.
I'm sorry you feel that way.
7  Nintendo Forums / Zelda / Re: The Future of Zelda on: July 01, 2008, 05:25:42 pm
I'd like to see a futuristic Zelda... not Modern times, but futuristic. So futuristic that its almost ancient, kind of like Star Wars. But then again, Metroid is already kind of like that, so nevermind.
8  Nintendo Forums / Metroid / Metroid MMO game on: July 01, 2008, 05:22:56 pm
I was thinking a while back about how I'd really like to see Nintendo go in-depth with the war between the Federation and the Space Pirates, and the factions in between.

So here is what I have.

A massive multiplayer online game... not an RPG, but an FPS. The gameplay would put you in the role of a Federation Marine, Space Pirate, Rebel, or Kriken, as your own character. You name them, and select their weaponry before a confrontation. Basically, you can play by yourself through a main campaign that puts you in the midst of several different planetary confrontations. Your character has three energy tanks, and it is your goal to help your side win the conflict by completing certain objectives, whether they be to just hold the enemy offensive, possess a geographical location, etc. If your character dies, you just start back from the checkpoint. All objectives will remain completed.

On to the Online. There will be several dozen planets, each with different, massive, sprawling environments. Players can fight for either the Federation or the Space Pirates. Over time, eventually specific planets will either be won or lost, and all confrontation there will cease. This will usually occur after a couple months, to simulate the true feel of a campaign.

Every few months, a new planet will be added to the list of planets to be fought for. This will allow for an ever-changing game experience.

When selecting a planet, the player chooses which planet they would like to be deployed on, and then selects a battlefield on that planet. Over the course of the planet's campaign time, some battlefields will close, and new ones will open, to simulate a real war. All will have strategic advantages, like trying to take a city under control.

Before entering battle, you get to choose what weaponry your character will wield. The Marine Assault Rifle comes standard, and does not count as a choice. Choices would include futuristic shotguns, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, etc. As the game the online will update the list, with "purchasable" weapons and equipment, to simulate the changing technology of war.

Which brings us to our next point, the Marine's salary. For each battle a Marine takes place in, he receives a specific salary in proportion to his performance in the conflict. This allows him to buy weapons, armor... you can upgrade weapons, with an increase of firepower, ammo capacity, firing speed, reload speed... you can add bayonets to your weapon. You can upgrade your armor, you can purchase new armor made of different material. You can even have a "coat of arms" painted on your armor, which you custom design in a paint window. Another thing for when fighting on ground: You can upgrade ammunition, making all sorts of rounds, including armor piercing to take on the best equipped foes, rounds that detonate when embedded in an object, etc.

Space Battles will also be important. The player can fight in orbit or in deep space. The ship will be controlled from a first person perspective, like the cockpit segments of MP3. Using your salary, you can also upgrade your ship, buy a new one after selling the old one, and do custom paint jobs a la the war paint from WWII. All players have an opportunity to fly from the start, as all players have a free, standard GFS Stiletto Fighter. New ships will come available all the time.

During the Space Battles, players can raid the enemy's flagships, or defend their own. They can operate the cannons on the sides of the ships.

Back on the ground, from the starting point of the battle, players can take control of all sorts of vehicles, including tanks, speeder bikes like the one Weavel rode in the Hunters intro, and many more, all of which are controlled from a first person perspective. These also include aircraft, which can be used to bomb the enemy encampment, and diminish their supply of vehicles.

Battles will have no time limit, and will keep going until a victory is decided, which happens when all of the objectives are completed for a specific side. Players can drop in or out, and the battle will keep raging.

Besides the Federation and the Pirates, there will be a separate faction, one run by Sylux that consists of a rebellion against the Federation. These players have to work together to complete objectives on many of the Federation colonies, and sometimes get involved in the conflicts between the two main factions.

Another side faction will be the Kriken, but they are not playable. They are enemies to all sides.

Samus, Sylux, Weavel, Trace, and Ridley all make appearances in the game, but not as playable characters, just as combat leaders. None of them can really die, kind of like Luis from Resident Evil 4, he helps you, can get hit, but never dies. This is because these are all main series essential characters.

Several "High Command" events can occur, in which the elite players order tactical strikes. These include biological weapons, like gas and viral warfare, being used against a certain side. Nuclear weapons can also be used, at which point all objectives are cancelled and the only objective left is to make it to the evacuation zone imeadiately.

I was thinking that in order to keep it alive, the Kriken Empire would form an alliance with the Space Pirates once the GF side controls 75% of free space. Then the two forces would push hard against the GF. Then, when the two forces control 75% of free space, and the GF is losing, the Space Pirates betray the Kriken because they have no interest in sharing power, so it becomes a three way, galactic war.

Elite warriors with outstanding statistics would be able to apply for specialized positions, including military engineering, which would consist of ten to twenty people, and they would discuss privately ideas for new weapons, and then the game designers would review them and approve/disapprove them. For example, the engineering team would say "Well, I want to create a hyper cannon that emits a laser that travels across the surface of a planet and completely incinerates anything it hits." Then the developers would say "Alright, we'll make that." Then the new weapon becomes usable by High Command, who issues the command to incinerate the battlefield. Players on the ground would be standing there, fighting, when all of a sudden a huge beam of plasma hits the surface, melting the other side.

Engineers could also suggest new infantry weapons, new ships, so on so forth. It'd be epic.

The game itself would further explain the Space Pirates, which would be cool.

I think it'd be even cooler, although very hard, to be able to start out a fight in deep space, and then take it down to the atmosphere without any loading screens, with crystal clear transition from space to atmosphere, and then be able to assist in the land battle. There'd have to be some sort of boundary or something, or something creative to hide the boundary, like a huge squadron of enemy fighters attacks and overpowers you, shooting you down.

In every Metroid game, the indigenous species have always played a key role in the conflict, whether it be Zoomers, Ing, whatever. What if the wildlife/dominant species played a role, like you could get attacked in the jungle by alien creatures, or even if you run out of this serum that protects you from insect-born illness, you have to go back to camp to get some. It'd be interesting.

Another aspect, as added by Leonri, is "environmental hazards" including collapsable terrain, avalanches, poisonous atmospheres, etc.

Phazon would be very interesting to work with, as this game would cover the entire timeline of the series. And perhaps the game could cover some of the decisive battles mentioned in the series... including:

The Battle of K-2L (this would probably be one of the first, and a video entitled "Aftermath" would be shown after, showing Samus being taken away by the Chozo.)

All of the Battles from the Oormine System (mentioned in Prime)

The Battle of Zebes (the one mentioned in the original Metroid instruction booklet, says the Federation launched a massive assault on Zebes to distract the Space Pirates for Samus)

The Battle of Norion

The Battle of the Space Pirate Homeworld

And many, many more...

Anyway... that's what I have so far. Hope you guys like it, and hope that I can someday get this published.
9  Nintendo Forums / Zelda / The Future of Zelda on: June 27, 2008, 10:43:26 am
What would you like to see in a future Zelda Game?

I would actually kind of like to see one where the timeline rejoins into one. Like two different Links meet each other and fix the timeline by finally defeating Ganondorf once and for all.
10  Nintendo Forums / Zelda / Re: Timeline Theories on: June 27, 2008, 10:42:16 am
I very much doubt they'd do a futuristic Zelda. But they are going to take it in a new direction. TP was said to be the last "traditional" game...

It'd be pretty awesome as a fan made game, but not as official.

I drew a picture of Link wearing a Hylian Power Suit... it was for a "Link vs. Samus" thing where the two of them meet on Planet Hyrule several thousand years after TP.
11  Nintendo Forums / Zelda / Re: Timeline Theories on: June 25, 2008, 08:54:50 pm
Nintendo has to eventually release a timeline. I mean, fans demand it.

And yeah, Metroid's makes sense. But then again, Metroid is a lot less complex. It's the same Samus in every game, and will always be. It all takes place over the course of... pretty much a decade, whereas in Zelda its several centuries with huge gaps in between. Would it be easier if we could compare architecture? Yeah, probably. Just kidding.

But seriously, it's a video game. Eventually they have to make something that makes sense.
12  Nintendo Forums / Zelda / Re: Timeline Theories on: June 23, 2008, 09:21:53 am
To add to that the Oracle games have to come after Link to the Past (It's all to do with location of Triforce Wink)

My own inclination goes like this....


Not too sure about LoZ of AoL as I have never played them and the foursword games could be anywhere (but I'm pretty sure its near LttP on) timeline.
Tell me if there's any problems with this version and show me you're own.

The only real problem is LoZ, AoL, ALttP, OoA, OoS, and LA can't take place after WW. They could be on that end of the spectrum, but they can't take place after it, because

A) They all take place in Hyrule, and after WW, Hyrule is no more
B) Ganondorf is dead by the end of WW, and can't come back unless someone goes under water to revive him.

But, I do think LoZ and AoL have to be in the Child Link timeline, because, as WW/PH end the Adult Link timeline, AoL ends a timeline, because Ganon is dead and a plot to revive him has been thwarted, and the very first Princess Zelda is revived, so the curse is broken, so no more Princess Zeldas after her.

Or at least, those are my theories. I once thought TP was in the adult Link timeline, but perhaps not now that I think of it.
13  Nintendo Forums / Zelda / Timeline Theories on: June 22, 2008, 04:29:54 pm
Any fan of Zelda knows that the games have never really been revealed as having a timeline. In other words, the series is a confusing puzzle, and you can never really tell which game goes where. I mean, there are obvious orders: Ocarina of Time is probably first, and thats where the timeline splits. Majora's Mask comes right after Ocarina of Time in Child Link's world. Link's Awakening occurs right after A Link to the Past. Adventure of Link takes place right after Legend of Zelda. Phantom Hourglass comes right after Wind Waker, and Wind Waker occurs several hundred, or thousand, years after Ocarina of Time in the Adult Link timeline.

Other than that... do any of you have any theories about the specific order?
14  Nintendo Forums / Zelda / Re: Favourite Zelda dungeon/level/sequence on: June 22, 2008, 04:25:26 pm
Hard to choose a favorite dungeon... but I think the thing that really stuck with me when I first played Ocarina of Time was inside of Jabu Jabu. The fact that you were inside of a giant fish was just... incredible to me.

Now, almost a decade later, I'd have to say the horseback battles in Twilight Princess were incredible. The sword duel against Ganondorf was superb, especially when you lock swords, and if you're playing the Wii Version, for some reason as I press A my mind tells my body to push against Ganondorf's sword so I feel like I'm actually in the game.
15  Introducions and Departures / Welcome Wagon / Re: Meet Leonri on: June 22, 2008, 04:10:39 pm
Hey, I'm Leonri the newest n00b! Everybody loves n00bs right?
I was gang-pressed into this site (not altogether unwillingly) by Rundas from MR who dosen't seem to be on this site.....unless he's masqarading as one of the other guys. I'm an Irish boy meself.....Cead mile failte a Nintendo Comedy Club (that's Irish!)
Also I have a Fortress of Doom, don't ask Undecided


Hey, welcome to the site, and I was gang-pressed by you to post some more.  Tongue Nah, only kidding.

I live in America but I'm Irish... Irish-American, I guess you'd say.
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