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Title: The Rules
Post by: TheAPERSON on June 13, 2008, 09:44:44 am
Welcome to the Nintendo Comedy Club. Before you go posting any topics, please take time to read these rules:

Firstly, please stay on topic at all times. Any topics which go off topic for about 5 pages will be locked. If you see a thread going off topic, please try and steer it back on topic.
Secondly, no double posting on purpose. If you accidently click the post button twice, edit or delete your second post. Edited double posts should read something like this on the second post.

edit: double post

Thridly, do not infringe copyright. If you post an image, please say where it came from if necessary. Do not try to claim an image that isn't your own as your own.
Fourthly, no spamming. Extremely spammed topics will be locked and excessive spamming will lead to a ban.
No swearing, even if it is in ****. There are other words which can be used instead of swear words so please use those instead. If you can't think of any words that can be used instead, then keep quiet. If you are sent spam PM's or abusive PM's please report to a moderator.

If someone starts spamming, don't respond, PM a moderator.

No inappropriate images. As much as some people may want to look at the opposite sex naked, it is forbidden to do so on this forum. DO NOT DO IT!

If you know someone on the forum in real life, do not call them by their real name unless their username contains it. Likewise, don't use your real name on the forum.

Thank you for reading these rules, and please enjoy the Nintendo Comedy Club.