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Title: How to post images
Post by: NXtreme on July 02, 2008, 10:28:07 am
this thread tells you how to post images on the forum. It's not a simple case of copy paste. if its an image saved onto your computer like a Microsoft Paint image then you have to use ( click browse on the site and select your image.

then tick the 'remove size/resolution bar from thumbnail?' box


and make sure the size isn't too big. i recommend unticking the 'resize image?' box too prevent your image losing quality.

now click 'Host it'

copy the 'Hotlink to forums (1)' code at the bottom. paste this into your post and your done.

if you see an image on the internet you want to post then just right click on it and press properties. then copy the Address (URL) and put that in your post. now put
at the beginning of the address and
at the end